Monday, November 10, 2008

When you reach Mumbai Airport ?

For any outsider, Mumbai can be overwhelming and more so if your flight lands at night. For those weary travellers who come out of the arrival section of the domestic airport, one of the key decisions that they have to take are with respect to the transportation options to take them to their homes/ hotels.

Being a regular traveller, I see people mosts run towards the auto rickshaws and the yellow, black taxis. However a revolution is one the way at the Mumbai airport and it is being funded by venture capitalists, ex taxi drivers and political will. Today you actually have international options of transportation from the Mumbai airport. You have air conditioned taxi cab services like Meru, Mega Cabs and Gold Cabs who offer you great service and very predictable billing. Gone are the days when you used to have a slanging match / negotiation session at your door step with the taxi cab guy.

These cab services offer you payment as per the meter and also a bill ( a rarity in this part of the world). The charges are typically approximately 15% higher than the yellow and black taxis and given the experience, it is usually a great option.

Physically, this is the first queque that you encounter once you walk towards the taxi bays and the colour codes are Meru - light green, Mega Cabs - Black and Gold Cabs - Yellow. If you have 2 cases, you could fit into a standard Maruti Esteem , but if you have more look at the Indigo options of Mega Cabs and the Logan options of Meru.

So last but not the least, have fun travelling in these cabs and spread the word around.

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